Executions in 2013: min. 778 plus 'thousands' in China

Pending U.S. Executions

Please note that these dates are only tentative.

Execution dates known or thought to be considered SERIOUS are marked with a *. The designation indicates that an execution is considered more likely to be carried out.

Please note that this designation should in no way be construed as absolute. Stays can be granted or denied at the very last moment prior to an execution.

A name with no * designation may simply mean that not enough information is currently available to know whether the execution date is serious. In other words, please DO NOT automatically equate the fact that a name with no * designation means that his/her assigned execution date is not serious.  It might, in fact, be (very) serious.

Date Name State Additional Information
04/22/2014* Nickolus Johnson Tennessee  
04/22/2014* Clayton Lockett Oklahoma  
04/23/2014* William Rousan Missouri  
04/28/2014* Robert Hendrix Florida  
04/29/2014* Charles Warner Oklahoma  
05/13/2014* Robert Campbell Texas  
05/21/2014* Robert Pruett Texas  
05/28/2014* Arthur Tyler Ohio  
06/14/2014 Ricky Blackwell South Carolina  
07/02/2014* Ronald Phillips Ohio  
08/04/2014* William Montgomery Ohio  
10/07/2014* Billy Ray Irick Tennessee  
10/15/2014* Raymond Tibbetts Ohio  
03/19/2014* Gregory Lott Ohio  
11/26/2014 William Gibson Indiana  
12/09/2014* Edmond Zagorski Tennessee  
01/07/2015* Warren Henness Ohio  
02/10/2015* Stephen West Tennessee  
03/12/2015* Robert Van Hook Ohio  
03/24/2015* Donnie Johnson Tennessee  
05/12/2015* Olen Hutchison Tennessee  
05/14/2015 Jeffrey Wogenstahl Ohio  
06/23/2015* Charles Wright Tennessee  
07/15/2015 Alva Campbell Jr. Ohio  
08/18/2015* David Miller Tennessee  
09/17/2015 Angelo Fears Ohio  
10/01/2015* Abu-Ali Abdur´Rahman Tennessee  
11/17/2015* Cleveland Jackson Ohio  
11/17/2015* Nicholas Sutton Tennessee  
01/21/2016* Kareem Jackson Ohio  

Source: Rick Halperin

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