In Mississippi sitzen derzeit 43 Menschen im Todestrakt, darunter eine Frau. Der Todestrakt für die männlichen Insassen befindet sich in Parchman.

Lisa C.

Hello there, my name is Lisa „Jo“. I am the only woman on Mississippi death row for 11 yrs now I have been here for 15 yrs. There are days when I feel very alone it is difficult to not have anyone who I can relate with. I am housed in the lockdown unit with inmates that are here for getting into trouble. I do get to talk with them and try to encourage them to make their lives better, which I enjoy but I have no one to share in my difficulties, so I have to rely on my own inner strength and God. I am 48 yrs old, have 3 grown children. I am not from this state my family lives on the other side of the U.S.A. I get home sick often. I miss mountains & snow. I love learning about God, rehabilitation and being a mom. I would like to be a life coach and counselor so I can assist young women while they are in prison so this can be a stepping stone to a brighter future and not a set back. I enjoy music, crafting, coloring & writing. I would enjoy building friendships, romance is not off the table but not a requirment.

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Thong L.

I am a 36-yr-old vietnamese on Mississippit state Penitentary’s Death Row. I read, write and exercise regularly. In the spare hours of the day, usually in the late evening, I like to watch a movie or sports on my tv. I go outside everys chance I get to run or walk around my yard pen which is single-man cage – I enjoy breathing fresh air, with a cool wind and warm sun in my face. I’m looking for any penpal who is unafraid to have a long-lasting enduring correspondence who is committed for the long haul.

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